Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Health Lips and Beauty Information for women

Health lips and beauty information for women | Health lips and beauty for women is very important to note, especially in terms of maintenance. Health lips and beauty health lip effect on the appearance and self-confidence of a woman.

Discuss about the health lips and beauty is not suffered from few things which are become the cause of the health lips and beauty of the can be impaired, include:

Ultraviolet rays (UV) which is in sunlight can damage the lips. UV can raise brown spots on the lips, make the lips become burning, chapped, or swelling. The more serious thing as a result of sunlight is can make the collagen that found on the lips becomes damaged. In addition, the increasing of age may also reduce collagen on the lips. As a result of the breakdown of collagen is the appearance of wrinkles on the lips.

Solution: Use a lip balm that contains at least SPF 15 if you want to leave the house. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, you can repeat the use of lip balm.

One of the diseases that are harmful and will damage the lip is cancer. Lip cancer will be greater occur if there is a history of family members who experience it. Other causes include cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and sun.

Solution: Stop alcoholic drinks and smoking, and still protect your lips from the sun by using a lip balm that contains UV protection.

Lipstick or other cosmetics for lips that are expired or not appropriate can make the lips become damaged, which is characterized by the appearance of patches of redness and itching of the lips.

Solution: Consider the content that contained on cosmetics before you buy. Check the cosmetics expiration date and dispose it of if the cosmetics are seen damaged. Keep cosmetics to be always clean, in order not to be the growth of bacteria, keep it in a fitting place and clean the lips before using lipstick in order the dirt that is on the lips do not move to the lipstick that can cause lipstick contaminated.

In addition to the above solutions that can counteract damage to the lips. You can also perform maintenance on the lips, in order naturally beautiful example by drinking lots of water and put honey on the lips before bed. It will make the lips become moist and looks beautiful

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