Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Oatmeal" Beneficial to Your Beauty

You probably already know that oatmeal is a food that rich in fiber which suppresses cholesterol in the blood. But did you also know that oatmeal keep a miracle for the beauty when applied to the skin? Apparently, oatmeal can make the skin more radiant and moist overcoming redness of the skin and skin irritation and also get rid of dead skin cells.

This may be news for you, the benefits of oatmeal for the skin has been known fact since the beginning of 2000 BC to the present day. FDA says "oatmeal is very effective to eliminate inflammation and dryness, including eczema, rashes, and insect stings”.

Dermatologist from New York, USA, Dr. Amy Wechsler, explained that "There are four reasons why your skin adores oatmeal,"
  1. Against drought: Oatmeal contain polysaccharides, which become gelatinous in water and leave a good protective layer on the skin, preventing scaly, dull, and dry skin.
  2. Moisturizing: Oatmeal is rich in healthy fats that can moisturize the skin.
  3. Skin Defense: The proteins in oatmeal help maintain the skin's natural barrier to keep it functioning properly and to ensure that the dead skin and dirt from the outside does not get into, while the substances needed by the body still seep into.
  4. Clean the pores: oatmeal filled with natural cleansers (called saponins) that gently remove dirt and oil from pores.
To get all the benefits of oatmeal, Wechsler recommends using oatmeal mask one to two times a week.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Health Lips and Beauty Information for women

Health lips and beauty information for women | Health lips and beauty for women is very important to note, especially in terms of maintenance. Health lips and beauty health lip effect on the appearance and self-confidence of a woman.

Discuss about the health lips and beauty is not suffered from few things which are become the cause of the health lips and beauty of the can be impaired, include:

Ultraviolet rays (UV) which is in sunlight can damage the lips. UV can raise brown spots on the lips, make the lips become burning, chapped, or swelling. The more serious thing as a result of sunlight is can make the collagen that found on the lips becomes damaged. In addition, the increasing of age may also reduce collagen on the lips. As a result of the breakdown of collagen is the appearance of wrinkles on the lips.

Solution: Use a lip balm that contains at least SPF 15 if you want to leave the house. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, you can repeat the use of lip balm.

One of the diseases that are harmful and will damage the lip is cancer. Lip cancer will be greater occur if there is a history of family members who experience it. Other causes include cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and sun.

Solution: Stop alcoholic drinks and smoking, and still protect your lips from the sun by using a lip balm that contains UV protection.

Lipstick or other cosmetics for lips that are expired or not appropriate can make the lips become damaged, which is characterized by the appearance of patches of redness and itching of the lips.

Solution: Consider the content that contained on cosmetics before you buy. Check the cosmetics expiration date and dispose it of if the cosmetics are seen damaged. Keep cosmetics to be always clean, in order not to be the growth of bacteria, keep it in a fitting place and clean the lips before using lipstick in order the dirt that is on the lips do not move to the lipstick that can cause lipstick contaminated.

In addition to the above solutions that can counteract damage to the lips. You can also perform maintenance on the lips, in order naturally beautiful example by drinking lots of water and put honey on the lips before bed. It will make the lips become moist and looks beautiful

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dressed Mistakes that Make Women Look Fat

Every woman would want to always look perfect and attractive through clothing that she was wearing. But not infrequently, the wrong selection of accessories and clothing makes women look fatter than actual size. Instead, avoid some common mistakes in the dress. Remember, color and model of clothing that you use is very influential on the shape of your body.

1. Using clothes that are not fitting to body size
Clothes that do not fit will make you look fatter than actual size, either the size of the cloth is greatness or smallness. Clothes that are too small and too tight, it will show your fat folds and makes the body look fatter. So, cloth that is too large will make your body curves covered and out of shape. For that, make sure you try first clothes that you will buy, whether it is appropriate to your body shape or not.

2. Using the wrong clothes patterns
Some of the clothing patterns can give the effect of fuller body. For those of you who want to look slimmer, you should avoid abstract pattern which is too large, horizontal striped pattern, full-printed or polka dots.

3. Humped
Humpback posture with your shoulder down will make less your proportional body shape. Instead of having to walk looked down and humped, increase your confidence and lean chest, walks upright like a model, and start your head up.

4. The wrong selection of accessories
Generally women are lovers of accessories, but avoid the use of a lot and overlapping accessories, especially for those of you who were a little fuller. For the selection of accessories, then the word of “Less is more" is an apt phrase. You could try using a necklace that newfangled simple with long chains or layers, rather than necklaces with large models and short-chain because it will make your neck look short and full. Avoid using rings on all fingers, let alone a ring that has a large size which will make your fingers look shorter.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Body Slimming Supplements

Body slimming supplements | China has a treatment method of herbal based. All drugs made from natural ingredients derived from plants. Likewise, slimming supplements contrived from natural ingredients. This supplement is capsule and glossy green, the contents of the capsule in the form of a white gel. 

This gel made from natural ingredients that are extracted to quickly absorb in the body. The element contained in one slimming capsule is beneficial to shed fats in the body. So that it can help you lose weight quickly without causing any harmful side effects on health. 

Meizitang is alternative slimming medicine which is preferred by many people, both women and men. Slimming drugs can be taken from age 19 years old to 60 years. For those of you who are interested can buys in a pharmacy nearest or contact the agent of this slimming drug.
This supplement is safe to eat as long as it complied with the rules of life, because this function is only slimming medicine proponents of a series of slimming program. The main program is to exercise regularly and consume food which is low in fat. 

Meizitang – Slim is the powerful suggestion in the beauty industry

Slim body, beautiful, glowing skin is a beautiful dream for all women. Perfect Beauty includes such criteria was actually built by the industrial capitalists who preyed on the Eve as a target market.

Slim and beauty rules became lifelong modification of the fashion industry, cosmetics and industry supporters. Other products such as Meizitang very much and their persistent search for consumers. Any market share in this area is very wide and varied, depending on where the targeted segments.

Industries, which offers a line of beauty brings beautiful actresses as brand ambassador of the product, so the image embedded in the hearts of minds of consumers. Beauty clinic events were held in the crowd centers like malls and other places. Thus attracting the attention of potential customers. The goal was that they believed in the concept of beauty which they form, and want to consume products manufacturer. 

Meizitang - Slim but healthy

Layman or to be used as the target consumer, if it is ingested suggestion beauty industry, whatever he does. For example, buy cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals weight loss and skin whitening along with its benefits.

Weight loss drug offers an easy way to shed body fat without any exercise. In fact sometimes the ads do not advise consumers not to bother to exercise, consume enough stomach-lowering drugs production; the results can be felt in an instant. Promotions like this model that teaches consumers to think instant.

There are people who want lost weight but the way that is not healthy, and likely to take a shortcut that is a lot taking drugs shrink the stomach, causing severe toxicity in the body. Other than that sometimes there are people who undergo a strict diet, abstinence snacking and eating fatty foods.

Sometimes a strict diet is not good for health, because if you restrict food intake of nutrients in the body would also be reduced. Diets like this model could invite many diseases. Not a few consumers who are victims of misguided promotion, because inedible bad suggestion from the manufacturer.

The description as consumers we have to be wise when deciding which product to suit our needs. Avoid to shopping the slimming products because of ambition. Though not necessarily slimming products you buy are safe for consumption.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Importance of Using Body Lotion at Night

The importance of using body lotion at night | Many people think that the most effective use lotion is after take bath. And in a day, you may use lotion after take bath twice. However, use lotion twice after take bath was not enough to make the skin healthy. In addition, the skin will loses moisture during the night, so they can interrupt the cycle of regeneration. So the use of lotion at night also works to make the skin look brighter in the next day.

There are several reasons why you should use body lotion at night before bed:

1. Skin Regeneration
In order your skin looks more radiant, then your skin also need a regeneration process. The process of regeneration or cell renewal occurs at night when we sleep. Skin cell regeneration actually takes place all the time, but at night the skin regenerates twice as much.

For cell regeneration, skin needs help of some vitamins and active ingredients to make it more effective. The use of lotion before bedtime will help to provide energy in the form of vitamins and other active ingredients. Only, it must be remembered that the selection of lotions for the evening is not the same as a daily lotion. When choosing a night lotion, try to choose a lotion that contains fatty acids and a higher vitamin B3 to keep skin moist.

2. keeping the moisture
The use of lotion at night will help reduce the loss of water vapor that is too much. In the evening, the trans epidermal water loss process (evaporation) of water from the skin will be increased 25 percent compared to the morning or afternoon. Loss of moisture in the skin will be higher, especially in the exposed parts (not covered with clothing) such as legs, arms, and face.

Lotion applications will help reduces levels of water evaporation from the skin while we sleep. Losing too much moisture will make skin sensitive and dry.

3. Easily absorbs the active ingredient
Nighttime is the most effective time to apply a range of beauty products. Because at night, the skin will be easier to absorb the active ingredient.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beware, Secretion Can Cause Disease

Beware, secretion can cause disease | Secretion is a normal thing that commonly occurs in every woman. Secretion is a discharge of liquid from the female genitals, the liquid may be mucus, fluid or sweat which comes from the gland. In healthy condition, it is normal for every woman. And secretion were out having a normal color and aroma. The secretion is not just a discharge of regular liquid that has no health benefits. 

But the secretion functions to provide a good climate, in a sense, natural moisture around the X area in order to maintain health. Specifically during menstrual periods, secretion that occurs is a discharge of blood, which is a mature egg cells, but did not get fertilized. Secretion frequently changes the texture, color and smell. It is closely related to changes in hormones and the menstrual cycle experienced by a woman. Although, it is a normal thing, sometimes the changes of the secretion look may be an indication of an infection or disease.

For example secretion colors which appear changed from white or yellow (normal condition) becomes more concentrated and pungent and painless. If it is so, then it need for consultation and treatment from SpOG doctor. SpOG doctor is a doctor who has a medical science with a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. Some femininity disease begins with changes in the secretion.

By doing a few steps of examination, the SpOG doctor will be able to determine the type of disease and treatment should be done about it. Some women often assume wrong about the secretion, which is normal is often considered to be something that is disturbing. Ironically some cleaning fluid ads give an overview that the healthy women organ is dry. Due to a misunderstanding, many women do some ways to make the female organ becomes dry.

One of these, with alternative treatments such as herbal drink. Whereas if you look from medical science, then the X area must be constantly in a wet condition, so that the climate surrounding the X area maintained well. More important for women is doing things that support the health of the female organs, such as eating healthy foods, exercise and maintain regularly the cleanliness of the body.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tips and Natural Way to Eliminates Former Acne

Tips and natural way to eliminates former acne | Acne is a very common problem, especially among teens and middle age. There are many factors that cause acne and all these things will greatly affect the way of treatment. Furthermore, if it is recovered, sometimes acne still leave scars that can be very disturbing appearance, especially if the acne is on the face area. Well, one easy way to remove acne scar is to use traditional or natural herbal herb. Herb is known no side effects and is relatively safe for all skin types and is suitable for people who are aged 15 to 40 years.

Some kinds of acne medication and acne scars remover on the market actually been using these herbal ingredients, only with the addition of other chemicals that are used in it, but it would likely result in adverse effects on skin health, especially if the products are used in certain skin types.

Natural way to eliminates former acne

Betel Leaf Herbal

Pluck betel leaves much as 10 sheets, then wash until clean and then blend or mash the leaves until smooth. After the leaves are smooth, immediately rub to the skin. Allow it to dry on your skin and after that, rinse your skin thoroughly. Do this twice a day (especially in the morning) for five days successively.

Aloe Vera Herbal

By utilizing mucus (gel) from Aloe Vera leaves and then applied to the rough skin, allow the gel to dry. Next rinse with warm water until clean. Apply 2 times a day for several days. In addition to the use as a moss medicinal or topical medications, Aloe Vera mucilage also can be used as a juice to skin care from the inside (only drink 1 time a day after meals).

Cucumber Fruit Herbal

Wash the cucumber fruit that is still fresh and not wilted until clean and then blenders the cucumber fruit with the leather until smooth, take the dregs then brush on the skin that is acne scars. Let stand for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. Do this at least 3 times a day regularly.

I hope a variety of tips and natural ways of removing acne scars above benefits to you.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Things that Woman Likes but Hated by Man

5 things that woman likes but hated by man | Women and men have significant differences, both from nature and emotional conditions. Even, there are some activities that are not liked by men, but women like to do it. Consider the following 5 things:

1. Watch Movies or Romantic Drama 
Most men do not like to watch a movie or a romantic drama. They are generally assume that the drama stories are not natural and seem contrived. However, most women like to follow the story. So, do not be surprised if he does not like to linger in front of the TV, while you are watching a romantic drama.

2. Reading the Romantic Novel
The woman has the greater tenderness than men, so she was pleased to read romance novels or listening to love songs. However, most men would rather read a book which is full of action and adventure. According to the men, romantic novel is very tedious. This could cause an argument between you and your partner if you do not understand each other. Therefore, do not get mad when men look less enthusiastic to listen when you are talking about romance novels.

3. Gossiping
Actually, women and men like to talk about other people when you are gathering with your friends. However, men do not like women who love habit of talking about other people without knowing their surety. In fact, gossip about others into something quite exciting for most women.

4. Very Concerned to the Appearance
Most men are not too put appearance. Wear shirts or socks, pants, jackets and maybe watches as an accessory, then he was already ready to go. Meanwhile for women, appearance is everything because women like to be praised so they spend a long time to get ready when going out. In fact, men like things being what they are, including women. Men also do not like to praise the appearance of women whereas the reality it does not suit his taste.

5. Playing with Children
Women have a maternal instinct so easy for them to get closer to young children. While men are generally less able to mingle with the kids. Men do not like to play, spoil the child, or said, "He is so sweet" because they do not want to show the softness. Unless the child is his own flesh and blood.