Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Things that Woman Likes but Hated by Man

5 things that woman likes but hated by man | Women and men have significant differences, both from nature and emotional conditions. Even, there are some activities that are not liked by men, but women like to do it. Consider the following 5 things:

1. Watch Movies or Romantic Drama 
Most men do not like to watch a movie or a romantic drama. They are generally assume that the drama stories are not natural and seem contrived. However, most women like to follow the story. So, do not be surprised if he does not like to linger in front of the TV, while you are watching a romantic drama.

2. Reading the Romantic Novel
The woman has the greater tenderness than men, so she was pleased to read romance novels or listening to love songs. However, most men would rather read a book which is full of action and adventure. According to the men, romantic novel is very tedious. This could cause an argument between you and your partner if you do not understand each other. Therefore, do not get mad when men look less enthusiastic to listen when you are talking about romance novels.

3. Gossiping
Actually, women and men like to talk about other people when you are gathering with your friends. However, men do not like women who love habit of talking about other people without knowing their surety. In fact, gossip about others into something quite exciting for most women.

4. Very Concerned to the Appearance
Most men are not too put appearance. Wear shirts or socks, pants, jackets and maybe watches as an accessory, then he was already ready to go. Meanwhile for women, appearance is everything because women like to be praised so they spend a long time to get ready when going out. In fact, men like things being what they are, including women. Men also do not like to praise the appearance of women whereas the reality it does not suit his taste.

5. Playing with Children
Women have a maternal instinct so easy for them to get closer to young children. While men are generally less able to mingle with the kids. Men do not like to play, spoil the child, or said, "He is so sweet" because they do not want to show the softness. Unless the child is his own flesh and blood.

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