Monday, November 19, 2012

Dressed Mistakes that Make Women Look Fat

Every woman would want to always look perfect and attractive through clothing that she was wearing. But not infrequently, the wrong selection of accessories and clothing makes women look fatter than actual size. Instead, avoid some common mistakes in the dress. Remember, color and model of clothing that you use is very influential on the shape of your body.

1. Using clothes that are not fitting to body size
Clothes that do not fit will make you look fatter than actual size, either the size of the cloth is greatness or smallness. Clothes that are too small and too tight, it will show your fat folds and makes the body look fatter. So, cloth that is too large will make your body curves covered and out of shape. For that, make sure you try first clothes that you will buy, whether it is appropriate to your body shape or not.

2. Using the wrong clothes patterns
Some of the clothing patterns can give the effect of fuller body. For those of you who want to look slimmer, you should avoid abstract pattern which is too large, horizontal striped pattern, full-printed or polka dots.

3. Humped
Humpback posture with your shoulder down will make less your proportional body shape. Instead of having to walk looked down and humped, increase your confidence and lean chest, walks upright like a model, and start your head up.

4. The wrong selection of accessories
Generally women are lovers of accessories, but avoid the use of a lot and overlapping accessories, especially for those of you who were a little fuller. For the selection of accessories, then the word of “Less is more" is an apt phrase. You could try using a necklace that newfangled simple with long chains or layers, rather than necklaces with large models and short-chain because it will make your neck look short and full. Avoid using rings on all fingers, let alone a ring that has a large size which will make your fingers look shorter.

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